Web Design, eCommerce and Software Development for a Moving Company

Eezi Move was established in 1993 and has grown to become one of SA’s largest independent moving companies.

We have assisted Eezi Move since 2002 with a comprehensive turnkey service, which includes brand design, website design and online marketing.

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The Brief

Branding, Website Development and Online Marketing

Eezi Move approached our team with the objective of exploring innovative methods to connect with customers in major cities, increase lead generation through moving quotes, and automate their online quotation process.

As part of their goals, Eezi Move sought a modern and responsive website, a refreshed logo, and the standardization of all creative and marketing materials throughout the organization.

Recognizing the need for ongoing support and dedicated expertise, Eezi Move required a proactive team that would be available 24/7 to provide comprehensive digital marketing and website management services.

We embarked on the journey to meet these requirements, working closely with Eezi Move to develop a strategic digital marketing plan, create a responsive and visually appealing website, revamp their logo to reflect their brand evolution, and ensure consistency across all creative and marketing assets.

The Solution

A lead generation machine combined with customised logistics software.

Our primary goal was to create a new website that not only captured the professionalism of Eezi Move but also provided a user-friendly and responsive experience for visitors.

In addition to the website, we also developed an eCommerce store that offers moving boxes and packing materials to cater to the needs of their customers.

To generate leads effectively, we implemented regional-based Google Search and Display campaigns. Furthermore, we created various landing pages with a focus on funnel-based conversion measurement, allowing us to track and optimize the customer journey continuously.

To streamline operations and automate processes, our software development partner built a bespoke Moving Quotation Platform, Logistics Management System, and CRM using the LAMP stack. This comprehensive solution facilitated the automation of client processes and improved overall efficiency.

To track and analyze website performance, we integrated Google Tag Manager and recently migrated from Google Analytics 3 (GA3) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This migration allowed us to gain deeper insights into various stages of the customer journey and make informed data-driven decisions.

The Outcome

A website powered by fast automation, boosting lead generation and productivity to new heights.

With Eezi Move, customers have the convenience of capturing and saving an online inventory of their home or office directly from their desktop or mobile device. They can then submit a comprehensive quote request effortlessly.

Additionally, customers can log in to their accounts to manage their inventory, purchase moving materials, make online payments, and book storage space.

For the Eezi Move team, responding to online quotes is a breeze as they can access and manage them from the cloud, across multiple branches. They have the ability to efficiently handle customer bookings, optimize vehicle routes, manage client storage, and perform various other essential tasks.

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We are a team with expert web design and web development skills committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.


We are a team with expert web design and web development skills committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.