Our Process

Discovering the needs of our customers is the first and most important step in the digital marketing process.

To get started, we follow several steps to create an effective online presence and attract visitors to your website. From branding elements, website layout and functionality through to content writing and online marketing.

Lets go!

Groupthink & Kick-off

Idea exchange and brainstorming

& Kick-off

Idea exchange and brainstorming

We always like to start with some face-to-face time and offer an hour online video meet at no charge.

During the initial consult, we will gather information about your business, target audience, project scope and budget.

Discover & Plan

Learn, understand and execute

Our team will conduct a deep-dive session into your company, your target audience and competitors.

Your goals and challenges are identified and solutions are provided on how to achieve and overcome them.

Primary objectives are outlined as we prepare a project scope, budget, and timeline for your review.

Design & Tech

Prototype and build

If our quote is within your budget, we start the project with a 50% deposit.

Our rates reflect the value and expertise we bring to the table and proportional with the results you want to achieve.

The best software platform and tools are selected for your requirement and our team starts the website design and/or eCommerce development process.

We work on various layouts and prototypes, gathering your feedback along the way.

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Testing & Pre-Implementation

Everything is fully tested

When the final product has been approved, we do user and bug testing, deploy the site to our dedicated hosting servers and prepare for launch.

Your online marketing and analytics channel is configured and we run pre-launch tests.

Launch Day – Go Live

Drive engagement and Generate leads

The day everyone has been waiting for – your beautiful new website is unveiled to the public.

Google Ads is fired-up, content and email marketing begins, and we start to drive leads and gather measurement data.

Care & Optimize

Drive growth and optimize performance

We place a high value on providing our clients with exceptional and reliable service and work exclusively with clients who understand the importance and cost of a monthly support retainer.

Our skilled digital marketing team will analyze your data, grow and optimize your campaigns and help to achieve your online goals.

We also ensure that your hosting environment and software runs smoothly, with regular updates.


We are a web design agency with extraordinary talents committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.


We are a web design agency with extraordinary talents committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.