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Please kindly note that Edot Web Technologies t/a Edot Digital will never contact you via Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or Social Media, to sell you services or offer job opportunities.

It has come to our attention that a group of clowns are fraudulently representing themselves as employees from our company, selling online services. Please report this immediately as spam, on Telegram, WhatsApp or LinkedIn. Thank you.

What kind of budget do I need to work with you?

– We work on projects starting from R25K and up which includes software licensing. We offer an hour free video meet to discuss your project and provide a rough cost estimate, followed by a proposal.

What are your rates for WordPress development, digital marketing and general consulting?

– You can expect to pay R750 p/h Excl. VAT. Our monthly SLA which includes design, marketing and tech support and hosting starts at R5K.

What are your rates for bespoke web development?

– If you need a bespoke PHP/MySQL driven website, you can expect to pay from R1200 p/h Excl. VAT. We are selective based on capacity.

I want a quote to build/replicate an Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, or Fortune500 website.

– We love your enthusiasm, but we do not send quotes for a website of this magnitude without consulting on the spec at our hourly rate. However, if we have the capacity, be prepared for consulting fees with a long-term financial commitment for development.

Do you design and manage small WIX sites, Joomla, Shopify and Squarespace websites? 

– No we do not. Our platform of choice is WordPress and WooCommerce or bespoke PHP.

Can you take-over and maintain my existing WordPress or Bespoke website? 

– If the website was built to web standards, is using a widely adopted theme and updated framework and is free of malware and coding errors, then we make recommendations. But generally we prefer not to, due to the time/cost involved to perform a technical and SEO audit. However if you have the budget, we have the time 🙂



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