Prime Product Manufacturing 

B2B Website Design for a leading Cosmetics Contract Manufacturer

Prime Product Manufacturing is a world-class, independent, medium-sized, highly innovative, cosmetics and beauty contract manufacturer and packing company based in South Africa.

We built a new B2B website with improved UX and lead generation.

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The Brief

Website Redesign & SEO

In 2022, Prime Product Manufacturing underwent a transformative rebranding, embracing a new vision and mantra. As a long-term partner of PPM since 2007, we were entrusted with the task of redesigning their website to align with their new brand identity and future aspirations.

Collaborating closely with their dedicated marketing and brand team, we engaged in extensive discussions and presentations to explore different mood boards and ideas. Our designers worked diligently to conceptualize a website design that would embody Prime’s desired attributes.

The objective was to adopt a fresh and minimalist approach that not only enhances the aesthetics but also amplifies the quantity and quality of leads generated. Additionally, the new website aimed to serve as a versatile marketing platform, providing greater flexibility for Prime’s promotional efforts.

The Solution

B2B website design with enhanced user experience and lead generation.

To create captivating visual content for the new website, we organized a three-day photo shoot that showcased Prime Product Manufacturing’s cutting-edge equipment, advanced manufacturing facilities, and dedicated team members.

To ensure accurate and compelling information, our skilled copywriting team conducted interviews with department heads from each business unit. This process allowed us to gather essential facts and details for content writing purposes, guaranteeing the accuracy and relevance of the website’s information.

The result was a modern and visually appealing website, designed to provide an intuitive user experience. Clear messaging and strategically placed call-to-action elements were incorporated throughout the site, guiding visitors towards desired actions.

To maximize the website’s visibility and attract targeted visitors, we carefully optimized the content and articles for search engines. By leveraging industry-specific content and relevant keywords linked to cosmetic and beauty contract manufacturing, we aimed to drive organic traffic to the site, increasing its online visibility and reach.

The Outcome

Our expertly designed website has significantly increased both the quality of traffic and the number of valuable leads generated.

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, attributing their satisfaction to the website’s user-friendly navigation, visually appealing design, and compelling messaging that effectively represents the business. Additionally, the insightful content provided on the website has garnered attention and successfully engaged potential new clients.

Remarkably, within just 30 days of the website’s launch, organic site traffic more than doubled in comparison to any previous point in time on the old website. This significant increase can be primarily attributed to the website’s responsiveness, informative and relevant SEO-optimized content, and adherence to Google Page Experience requirements.

By ensuring a seamless user experience and aligning with search engine best practices, the website has achieved enhanced visibility and attracted a larger volume of organic traffic.

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We are a website design agency with extraordinary talents committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.


We are a website design agency with extraordinary talents committed to help you get real business results from your digital investment.