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Established in 1999, we offer premium web design, beskope development & online marketing to established SME's that understand the need to integrate their marketing strategy online. We have offices in Johannesburg & London, and have combined experience of over 30 years.

We are owner managed, flexible and easy folk to work with. That means you speak directly to us about what you need, and then WE do the work. Our success and that of our clients has been built on our proven ability to provide exceptional customer service and to deliver affordable, client-specific solutions, with measurable results.

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Steven Parsons
Project Director

Steven is part-owner of edot and oversees the daily administration of the business and customer consulting. With over 17 years industry experience, he has a knack for SEO and bossing search engine results (edot customers are everywhere online). He also makes sure that a maximum standard of quality is maintained throughout each project. His favourite passtime is spent dabbling in hi-fi and collecting LP records.

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Riaan Olivier
Lead Software Architect

Riaan is edot's lead software architect - he breathes code and did not quite understand the hype about the Matrix .... he saw the lady in the red dress. Riaan has extensive experience in web application development, boasting close on 25 years experience and having worked in three countries. This literally translates to "best of breed" bespoke software. He likes his eggs sunny side up.

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Retha Scholtz
Front-end Web Developer & UI Designer

Retha is part-owner of edot and has extensive experience in both graphic design and web programming. She specialises in most Adobe applications with a focus on HTML and CSS. With a passion for all things creative and digital, she is a valuable contributor to both the creative and implementation phases of all our projects. In her spare time she can be found at her eisel, painting or drawing.

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Sean Chris Strydom is a freelance illustrator who specialises in creating illustration and graphical elements for print and digital use. With over ten years industry experience servicing Southern African Publishing houses and other media concerns Sean is a versatile artist with a passion for visually arresting imagery. Be it illustrations, diagrams, logos or other graphical elements, there is not much Sean hasn't done or can't do and he is an asset to any project needing added visual communication. In addition to his career Sean is a husband, father musician and free-form artist.

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Instar Group focus their efforts to achieve both Content Marketing Success & Social Media Success. They offer comprehensive services including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blog posting and LinkedIn to companies and brands who understand the need to integrate their marketing strategy online, but do not have the time. (Plus Colin is extremely good-looking and very smart, possibly the smartest man we have ever met)

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Jeri Limited is a Software Consultancy specialising in Internet based solution development. With an obsessive focus on high quality development, they maintain exceptional levels of technical knowledge in this evolving industry. With professional system design and development experience spanning more than 20 years they can certainly help you to meet rapidly changing requirements and achieve your business goals.

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